Shiny New “Bring Your Own Beat” Features are HERE to Play!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Get ready to do your best happy dance because the new Bring Your Own Beat features have arrived! Here’s what you can expect:

Better Playlist Management

You now have more control when it comes to managing your playlists. You can do this by hopping over to the Manage Audio dialog box where you can create playlists that use audio from any other source. Your playlists can also be copied out of one game and into another with ease. You’ll even have the ability to rename your playlists, delete tracks, rearrange tracks AND export them!

Want to manage all your new playlists outside of your game? No problem: we’re adding the Manage Audio feature to the Roll20 Tools menu so you can access it as soon as you log in to your account. Upload songs, carefully craft playlists and easily export them to any game you choose.

Multi-Channel Audio (Simulplay)

With the multi-channel audio feature, you’ll be able to rearrange and play multiple channels of audio all at the same time but still have the ability to control each channel individually. This means you’ll be able to queue up some campfire audio, haunted spacecraft sound effects and a ton of other sound schemes easy peasy.

As if that’s not enough, we’ve got more…

More New Features:

Bring Your Own Beat gives you lots of new controls to play your music, your way. Now that this update has gone live, you can:

  • Visualize track waveforms in an active progress meter for all tracks (except when playing a Simulplay playlist).
  • Add completely customizable, searchable tags for all the tracks you upload to My Audio.
  • Scrub to any point on a track in the “Now Playing” section by clicking on the waveform/progress bar. All players will sync automatically to that point!
  • Toggle “Fade In” and “Fade Out” options for each individual track..

We want to HEAR from you (get it)!

All these new goodies are available for all users to try out now thanks to Bring Your Own Beat! Check ‘em out and please share any bug reports on the Roll20 Forums!

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