Starfinder Fans, Are You Ready for the Rune Drive Gambit?

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


It all comes down to this. The third and final piece of Against the Aeon Throne: The Rune Drive Gambit is here, and the fate of the Pact Worlds – the galaxy rests in your hands!

Roll20 Features:

  • All book assets and information fully integrated for the VTT
  • 26 aliens, including 1 unique starship with stats
  • 5 full-color maps with GM layer information and dynamic lighting support (requires Plus/Pro subscription)
  • Rollable tables and macros

All you need to do is infiltrate a secret facility, liberate captive scientists, and keep an experimental starship drive out of the hands of the dastardly mastermind behind it all. Succeed or fail, this adventure will change the Pact Worlds forever. Get Against the Aeon Throne: The Rune Drive Gambit for $22.99 USD in the Roll20 Marketplace.

You can find the first part of the adventure, The Reach of the Empire, here, and the second part Escape from the Prison Moon here.

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