Starships Galore: Escape from the Prison Moon Adventure Path now on Roll20!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Prison break! Staging a daring breakout from a penal colony brings more than bargained for in Paizo’s Against the Aeon Throne: Escape from the Prison Moon Adventure Path. The second part of the Starfinder Adventure Path is now available on Roll20.

Roll20 Features:

  • Complete book text converted into the Roll20 VTT, ready to add into the first adventure of Against the Aeon Throne
  • Dynamic Lighting on every battle map to add more drama to your game (requires Plus / Pro subscription)
  • 20 aliens fully statted with one-click-actions
  • 1 unique starship with map
  • 2 additional maps with GM layer information and dynamic lighting support, rollable tokens, rollable tables, and macros

Hurry– infiltrating a well-guarded prison moon isn’t going to happen by itself, and the Azlanti Empire still has that experimental starship drive out there… continue your Starfinder adventure now in Against the Aeon Throne: Escape from the Prison Moon available for $22.99USD in the Roll20 Marketplace.

The first part of the adventure, The Reach of the Empire, can be found here.

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