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Bianca Bickford

Bianca Bickford

Marketing Manager

Looking to play RPG games online but watching your budget? Roll20 has many free features for all of our users! Dice—along with voice, video, and text chat—are all built into Roll20. And, independent creators, plus game publishers, make materials freely available that you can add into your online virtual tabletop games.

If you need some help getting started, we got you covered for running your TTRPG games for zero cost with character sheets, compendiums, adventures, tokens, and maps.

Character Sheets

For Dungeons & Dragons 5E fans, it’s easy to get started on the VTT with the free character sheet that our team has created for you. We also offer a Charactermancer that steps you through the process of creating your character, which is ready to play when you’re done!

Roll20 also developed and maintains no-cost character sheets for game systems like Vampire: The Masquerade, Call of Cthulhu, and Pathfinder.

Need more options? We have hundreds of character sheets on Roll20 that integrate into the virtual tabletop thanks to our incredible community of sheet authors. If there’s a system out there, we probably have it! You can also request new sheets in our forums.


If you’re looking to reference rules and monsters in your Roll20 games, you can add the D&D 5th Edition SRD and Pathfinder First Edition SRD compendiums for no cost. SRD means it’s a free version - a reference for a game’s mechanics that the publisher has licensed under an Open Game License (some things may be different from the published rulebook).


There are free adventures that are ready for Roll20 in our Marketplace that you can add into your game:

You can add them from the Marketplace, or find them listed under “Optional: Choose a Module” when you go to Create a Game.


Tokens represent where your character (and the monsters) are located on the VTT. You can look at Free Assets under the Art Library to see all the tokens available for you to use.

Commissioned some art, or have something you Googled and want to use for your character? You can also quickly make your own tokens by using token makers such as Tactical Tokens and storing them in the Art Library. Marketplace creator 2-Minute Tabletop created an adorable free token editor (thanks Ashton for the tip!).

Map generated by Dungeon Scrawl.


There are many high-quality maps available on the Roll20 Marketplace, and free maps are also located in your Art Library.

You can also add ready-to-go maps and tiles by using the search within your game to find free maps. Just drag the image to the VTT and with a little prep, it’s ready for play.

And you can never go wrong with the maps on r/Roll20!

Of course, you can’t beat making your own maps, and both Inkarnate and Dungeon Scrawl are great options for different types of maps that you can upload, too. (And they are a great way to doodle when you are procrastinating).

One more thing that’s free — signing up on Roll20. Create your free account!

Bianca Bickford Marketing Manager

Bianca Bickford is a marketing geek living deep in the Heart of Texas. She writes D&D 5E adventures and supplements for DMs Guild, Wizards of the Coast, MCDM, Ghostfire Gaming, and more. Follow her on Twitter @BiancaBickford for random TTRPG musings and video game crushes.