Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos is Now Available on Roll20!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Class is in session!

Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos is now available on Roll20. The newest Dungeons & Dragons: 5th Edition release from Wizards of the Coast transports players to a school for magic-users, nestled away in the heart of the Multiverse plane of Arcavios.

This is the latest D&D crossover with Magic: The Gathering, and the setting is ripe for roleplaying. Strixhaven University is divided into five schools, each one representing a different manifestation of magic-using philosophy:

- Silverquill is the college of eloquence, wielding the power of words to create inspiring verse and sharp, arcane-infused insults

- Prismari is the college of elemental arts, using magic to express themselves via spectacle, performance, and creativity

- Witherbloom is the college of essence studies, focusing their magic on the natural cycle of life and death

- Lorehold is the college of archaeomancy, the magical discipline of daring archeological adventure and diligent, dutiful research

- Quandrix is the college of numeromancy, studying patterns, symmetries, and how magic can influence the boundaries of reality itself.

In A Curriculum of Chaos, players will create their own students, pledging their studies towards one of these colleges and exploring everything campus has to offer over the course of four adventures, each one taking place over a different academic year. There’ll be scholarly pursuits, campus shenanigans, exciting friendships, hidden dangers, and perhaps even romance.

Don’t sweat the back-to-school shopping, either. On Roll20, you’ll get all book assets and info fully integrated into the VTT, so you can dive into the adventure on day one. You’ll also get tokens, pre-built maps with Dynamic Lighting support for Plus and Pro users, and tips for DMing the adventure.

Inside Strixhaven’s hallowed halls, you’ll find:

  • New player character options including feats and a new background.
  • New spells and magical items.
  • A multi-year campaign where players begin as first-year students who study, socialize, and adventure their way to graduation.
  • Four adventures that can be played as stand-alones or woven together to create one campaign taking players from level 1 to level 10.
  • Over forty magical, mysterious creatures and NPCs in the bestiary.
  • The new Owlin race, one of the owlfolk who study at the university.
  • Academic challenges, extracurricular activities and jobs, and relationships explored on campus.

Ready to learn? Head over to the Roll20 Marketplace and grab your copy today.

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