[Summary] Share Your Favorite Rollable Tables!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


A few week’s ago we asked our forum users to share some of their favorite ways to use Rollable Tables. This customizable feature allows for a single item to be randomly chosen from collection of several. Though commonly used for custom dice or any other list of items that may need to be “rolled” - many of our users have found alternative ways to use this tool.

I have used rollable tables to set up different tokens for shapeshifting creatures. - jbokcrusade

You can create a Rollable Table Token to change the appearance of shapeshifters or differently equipped gear.

They’re a great way to set up random encounter maps. -The Aaron

Use a Rollable Table Token on the map layer to choose a new area for each random encounter, simply right click and choose the next map.

There are some awesome API Scripts out there that really make Rollable Tables shine. - Silvyre

Click the forum link above to see what Silvyre recommends and check out our API: Introduction wiki to see how to get started.

[The way we use Rollable Tables] is specific to my group’s Homebrew World and AD&D game. - Gold

Roll20′s system agnostic approach invokes creativity and we love seeing the features we’ve release used in different ways by our community. Please visit our original forum thread to share your favorite ways to use this tool.

Bonus! Head to the thread now to see how to user plexsoup turned a pair of reflecting eyes into an animal using Rollable Tables!

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