[Summary] What Makes a Great LFG Thread?

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


A few weeks ago we started a thread in our Looking for Group forum asking our users to offer some positive advice to their fellow gamers - answering:

What do you think makes for a great LFG Thread?

Below are some of the best tips from our community, including the quotes from our users! Take a moment to step up your LFG game!

Information is key!

Provide insight on character creation, house rules, etc.

That stuff can be deal breakers and needs to be made clear up front. - GalenWhat your post must have is.. the world in your campaign, [information on] world-building, what behavior will you be expecting from your players both OOC and IC, along with [the length of] the whole campaign. - Pavlos S.Try to use an elevator pitch. - Ian S.Catch the eye of people scrolling through many postings and make everything easy for both them and you. - Johnnicus MaximusAs long as it is not one solid wall of text I do not mind doing some reading if it will allow me to filter out games I am interested in and those I am not. - Miguel V.Give a bit of background about your experience. - BrianBottom line: be very specific when it comes to your GMing/playing style, and when and how the game is to be played. - Jeremiah N.

Active Communication!

Spend time in your LFG threads & reply to your applicants.

GMs should be actively answering questions. - Galen


Set your date and time requirements, but be prepared to be flexible - if possible!

Every group needs to schedule a game in order to make a LFG page but often the real scheduling happens after a group gets together and people can compare desperate schedules. - zdesert

Do you have any tips to share? Head over to our forums and jump into our [Discussion] What Makes a Great LFG Thread? now. Offer your positive advice to fellow gamers and make sure to check out our Posting to LFG: Read First thread to learn even more about creating an active and engaging LFG thread.

One last tip…

You want a great thread? Make sure you stick to the game and try to find people that enjoy the same styles, stories and systems as you.” - Pavlos S.

Happy gaming!

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