Tales of the Old Margreve on Roll20

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Kobold Press is conjuring more Kickstarter magic with their new book - Tales of the Old Margreve: 5th Edition Forest Adventures. One of the best parts? They’re preparing it from the beginning with the virtual tabletop in mind! You can pledge to secure your Roll20 edition right now.

That means you can venture into the ancient, enchanted forest with ready-to-play adventures complete with dynamic lighting and one-click actions. Get nine brand new adventures for characters who are level 1-10 and buffed with a new selection of classes, races, backgrounds, and spells from the Margreve Player’s Guide.

There are only a few days left, so head over and kick in a pledge for your Roll20 copy of Tales of the Old Margreve!

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