Ten Chilling D&D One-Shots To Run This Halloween

Bianca Bickford

Bianca Bickford

Marketing Manager

Prepping for a weekend one-shot or celebrating Halloween around the game table? We have ten spooky scary D&D 5E games for you to frighten your players. Some are on sale right now!

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Death House (Curse of Strahd)
1st Level Adventure

You can run Curse of Strahd for 1st-level characters with the help of this optional mini-adventure, which is designed to advance characters to 3rd level. Death House is the name given to an old row house in the village of Barovia. The house has been burned to the ground many times, only to rise from the ashes time and again—by its own will or that of Strahd. Locals give the building a wide berth for fear of antagonizing the evil spirits believed to haunt it. (Consider running this adventure at 2nd level, unless you’re out to kill the party. You do you.)

Camp Clearwater Massacre
3rd Level Adventure

This summer camp horror is free to grab on the Roll20 Marketplace! Any other summer, Camp Clearwater is a haven for young, aspiring adventurers to hone their skills and relax with others like them. But this year it’s different. Bodies are turning up. Teenagers are running for their lives. There’s blood on the water. Can the characters save the counselors and campers from the Camp Clearwater Massacre?

MDT 5E: Holiday Adventures
6th - 8th Level Adventure

Mini-Dungeon Tome Holiday Adventures provides setting-neutral fantasy adventures themed for holidays throughout the year for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas / Yuletide, New Year’s, Easter, and birthdays. By most accounts the Cornelius family is prestigious and well-liked by the locals. However, Victor harbors a dark secret unknown even to his family – he’s a murderer. Today his victims enact their revenge.

The Ship of the Damned
6th Level Adventure

A horrific terror on the high seas has been ravaging ports and settlements, leaving few survivors to tell the tale. Now its up to you to hunt down and take out Captain Catacomb, the feared Pirate Vampire behind it all.

Death’s Rider
11th Level Adventure

A headless horseman terrorizes the people of Fallow, murdering those he comes across and taking their heads for some foul purpose before riding back towards the ruins of Clermont castle. The townsfolk have called for aid willing to pay anyone who can rid them of the headless horseman and put an end to his reign of terror.

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Knife to Know You
1st Level Adventure

A group of teenagers lost in the woods are forced to trust a stranger to lead them out safely. Underneath the veneer of Y.A. pulp horror is the same exploration, discovery, social intrigue, and thrilling combat you love from the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

Eve of Fall
3rd - 6th Level Adventure

Fall House in Barovia has been sitting abandoned on a remote plot of farmland for decades. An ambitious young investor has hired you to escort her to the property and protect her investment. Your party will need to discover the dark past of Fall House. Protect your new employer, and if there is time, survive the night.

A Night of Fright!
Pregenerated Characters

Jinkies! Uldryn Beauregard is dead—and he’s left one million gold to anyone who can survive the night in his haunted mansion! But spooky things are going on, and nothing is as it seems. Luckily, Mystery LLC is on the case!

Halloween In Phandalin
3rd - 5th Level Adventure

The dead are rising in and around Phandalin, and Sildar needs your help in this spooky supplement to Lost Mine of Phandelver. Instructions are provided for weaving this adventure seamlessly into your current adventure as well as level scaling.

Biting the Bullet
5th - 10th Level Adventure

Biting the Bullet is a murder mystery that occurs within an altered reality of Strixhaven, manifesting a makeshift Biblioplex where the Great Test and Great Trial take place. There are many ways the investigation can go about, from the who, the what, the where!

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Bianca Bickford Marketing Manager

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