The Master’s Vault

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Greetings Roleplayers!

Today, we are very excited to announce the launch of “The Master’s Vault” - this free SRD5 Open Gaming License fantasy adventure, first previewed during Roll20CON, is available now to all Roll20 users on the Start New Game page.

The incredible and talented creators of this new SRD5 Roll20 adventure are: James Introcaso (Writer / Project Lead), Liz Courts (Layout), Russ Hapke (Overworld Maps and Additional Art), Gabriel Pickard (Maps and Additional Art), Stephen Shomo (Puzzle Tokens), and Phillip Wright (Tokens).

You can access this module now by checking “The Master’s Vault” under the Optional: Choose a Module column of the page before you create your game to load the module and the accompanying SRD5 Compendium compatible 5th Edition ( OGL by Roll20 ) Character Sheet.

This module is the perfect first start for any Game Master and a great introduction to Roll20. Check out a map preview, plus a short description below or visit “The Master’s Vault” on the Roll20 Marketplace for the full module details before you play. Enjoy!

For more than a century Elaria Feywing, known to many as The Master, mentored young adventurers in combat, exploration, and magic. Little is known about the elf woman’s past and her days as a wandering wizard, but her status as a teacher is legendary.

“The best Roll20 fifth edition starter adventure ever.”

-Sir Bearington

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