The Orr Group Industry Report: Q1 2015

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


It’s that time again! Another quarter of gameplay has happened in Roll20, and we’re here to talk about what folks were playing during that time. First, the quick overview:

5th Edition continues to grow on our interface– something we’re very pleased about in that it isn’t “grid-dependent” like many of the other popular games played via us.

We’re additionally excited that more people are categorizing their profiles and games to be counted via the Industry Report. If you haven’t previously read about how we compile the report, the sample sizes are made in the following ways:

GAMES are what a Game Master running the campaign within Roll20 optionally selects from a drop down list as “Playing.” To be counted within the Industry Report for a given quarter, that campaign must be accessed (meaning unused campaigns are not shown). Most Game Masters only select one rule type for the game they are playing.

__A PLAYER __is what an individual “Enjoys Playing” and/or “Seeks a Group For” in their personal profile. Like the Games sample, a profile is only counted in the Industry Report if they show as active by entering a campaign during the quarter. Unlike the Games sample, most players identify themselves as being interested in a great many games.

Speaking of many games, let’s look at the full numbers for the 1st Quarter of 2015…

So many games! Among them, we want to point out the rise of Stars Without Number__. __This game wasn’t popular enough when we did our original free-form survey to get a starting list for us to even include… and now it’s more popular than recent RPG successes _13th Age_ and _Cypher System (Numenera & The Strange)_. We attribute this surge of popularity to the livestream _Rollplay: Swan Song _and it’s craft Game Master Adam Koebel; someone we’re happy to be helping you see more of soon.

One final note about this incarnation of the Industry Report– we’ve overhauled the list of games for the quarter we are now in. Again, the original list was generated via free-form surveying, so it has some odd redundancies we’ve sat down to polish. More on that next time…

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