The Orr Group Industry Report: Q3 2015

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


We’ve reached the end of another quarter of gameplay here at Roll20 and The Orr Group Industry Report is back to show what our community is playing most in the third part of 2015. Up first, we take a look at the quick overview:

As you may have expected, 5th Edition is seeing continued growth in Roll20, while the other major titles that grace our quick overview are seeing stable play with numbers very close to our Q2 results.

Once again, we are very pleased to see a higher sample size again, meaning more of you are taking the time to fill in your profiles. If you are new to The Orr Group Industry Report, you’ll find the details on how we create this report below:

PLAYER SAMPLE SIZE is taken from the “Enjoys Playing” and/or “Seeks a Group For” sections of a player’s personal profile. Profiles are only counted in the Industry Report if players have actively entered a game during the quarter. When reviewing the player numbers, you may notice players tend to have broader interests, identifying themselves as fond of a great many games.

GAME SAMPLE SIZE pulls from the “Playing” dropdown of the Game Details page set up by the Game Master. Games must be accessed during the quarter to be included in the Industry Report and used games are not counted in these figures. Unlike the Player Sample Size, you’ll see less distribution as most Game Master only select one rule type for their games.

Compare the two data sets, you’ll find the full set of numbers for the third quarter of 2015 below:

What a list, so many epic titles! Stars Without Number continues to grow, creeping its way up the list, jumping over Call of Cthulhu this quarter. New to the list is The Burning Wheel, one of our newest additions to the Character Sheet inventory and the rule set in one of our Games Master Series featuring Roll20 GM Adam Koebel on Twitch and YouTube.

Thanks for taking a look at our Q3 numbers, if you want to ensure you are included next time, take a look at your profile and fill in those game details!

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