The Orr Group Industry Report: Q3 2016

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


It’s been another three months! Let’s take a look at what games everyone has been enjoying on Roll20. Check out the brief overview:

Our Sample Sizes continue to grow! Our Player Sample Size has nearly doubled in the past year. A huge thank you and welcome to everyone who’s joined us on Roll20 this year!

As our user base grows, so does the number of people playing the most popular game on Roll20, Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. In Q3, 54.42% of Roll20 gamers used the 5th Edition system. Pathfinder remains the second most popular Roll20 system, with 32.47% of Roll20’s user base enjoying the system.

You can view the full report from Q3 2016 here:

The Apocalypse World System saw an increase in activity this quarter, thanks to the recent release of Apocalypse World 2nd Edition. Another jump came from Pokemon Tabletop, which we’re pretty darn sure had something to do with the astronomically popular Pokemon Go mobile game.

13th Age saw a healthy increase, likely due to the recent releases of modules from publisher Pelgrane Press on the Roll20 Marketplace. And we believe the July announcement of an upcoming Mouse Guard movie may have contributed to the bump in the system’s activity on our site.

A Quick Note About The Orr Group Industry Report:

We pull our data from two locations within Roll20 member profiles. Player numbers are drawn from the “Enjoys Playing” and “Seeks Group For” sections, while Game numbers come from the “My Games” section. Our percentages can total more than 100%, particularly Player numbers, since each player will list their interest in multiple games. The report is meant to be a representative sample, and the game listings are curated by Roll20 staff. For more details about how our report works, you can always look back at our in-depth explanation.

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