The Orr Group Industry Report, Q4 2014

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


We’ve released the stats from our second ever Industry Report into the wild (and many thanks to the press outlets that have covered these stats thus far). Here’s the main overview:

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Looking at the numbers, in comparison to last quarter*, the biggest shift is the upswing in 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons players and games. It’s exciting to see the new edition get an upswing in use, and doubly so to see it happening via Roll20 because the system is optionally gridless. There are many that assume gridded systems will always be the majority of what’s played via our interface, but with optimization for things like 5th Edition’s advantage/disadvantage mechanic along with the many bookkeeping elements made available in Roll20 have apparently been enough to encourage users to play less tactical games here without issue. Now we just have to keep convincing folks that we’re a good solution for non-d20 games… which, if we look at the overall numbers, is apparently coming along nicely:

We added a few systems for our fourth quarter numbers (including the games we’ve recently begun to distribute like The Quiet Year and Simple System), but the biggest newcomer was absolutely Stars Without Number, which we added due to its popularity on RollPlay: Swan Song. We’ll continue to edit the counted systems in the ways we believe will best represent what users are playing (and likewise, help them to find other players via our Looking for Group system). Be certain to fill out your profile to let us know what games you’re seeking to play, and if you’re running a game, pick the appropriate item under “Playing” on the Campaign page.

*_The Orr Group Industry Report is a representative sample based on active player and campaign settings. _

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