The Orr Group Industry Report: Q4 2016

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


2016 is over, but let’s take a quick look back to see what games were being played over the last three months of the year. Below you can view the brief overview of The Orr Industry Report for quarter 4 of 2016:

Our Sample Sizes keep getting bigger – which is no surprise since Roll20 recently hit our 2 million user mark!

Once again, more and more people are playing _Dungeons & Dragons _fifth edition! Both player activity and active D&D fifth edition games increased by more than 2% in Q4. Pathfinder is staying strong as the next most popular game system on Roll20.

We also saw Star Wars games take a nice jump in Q4, most likely due to the huge success of Rogue One.

Check out the full Q4 2016 report:

Just like in Q3, activity in Apocalypse World System games and players increased in this quarter, which tells us that gamers are enjoying the 2nd Edition of the system! Pokemon games are staying at the higher activity level they hit in Q3, so the jump they saw in reaction to Pokemon Go was carried through the rest of the year, helped along by the November release of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

We were also glad to see more people playing foreign-language games on Roll20, such as German game Das Schwarze Auge and the Brazilian Tormenta.

A Quick Note About The Orr Group Industry Report:

We pull our data from two locations within Roll20 member profiles. Player numbers are drawn from the “Enjoys Playing” and “Seeks Group For” sections, while Game numbers come from the “My Campaigns” section. Our percentages can total more than 100%, particularly Player numbers, since each player will list their interest in multiple games. The report is meant to be a representative sample, and the game listings are curated by Roll20 staff. For more details about how our report works, you can always look back at our in-depth explanation.

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