The Orr Group Industry Report: Q4 2017

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


It’s time to celebrate math in our Quarterly Industry Report – hooray! Today we’re analyzing gaming trends on the Roll20 platform from Q4 2017.

Dungeons & Dragons 5e had a larger than usual bump, from 39,583 active games in Q3 to a whopping 49,265 in Q4. We predict this will continue to increase with the incredible lineup of Wizards of the Coast content we have coming down the pipe over the next few months.

Pathfinder turned a corner as well, swinging back into positive growth with 9,856 active games. _Pathfinder _player numbers have grown steadily each quarter, and we predict this number will rise even further in the very near future. Paizo’s other major game, Starfinder, also continues to rise in ranks, going from the 15th most played system on Roll20 to the 11th.

It’s no surprise to see Star Wars active games increase to nab 5th place, likely due to an extra lift from the recent films. Call of Cthulhu active games also rose a few spots, from #9 to #7, likely from the Halloween season putting everyone in the mood to be squeezed to death by horrific tentacles.

We have a lot of amazing content coming in the next few weeks, and we expect to see some fun shakeups once the Q1 2018 report rolls around. Stay tuned!

Here’s the complete Q4 Industry report:

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