The Roll20 Holiday Gift Guide

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


The holidays are approaching fast, but no matter what you celebrate, there’s never a bad time to show some appreciation to the people who play games with you.

But what do you get for the geek who has everything? They’ve already purchased the latest adventure modules. Their Compendium is already loaded with the latest expansions. What’s left to give?

We’re here to help! Check out the list below for some ideas sure to put a smile on any player’s face. It’s the Roll20 Gift Guide!

D&D Field Notes

These journals are perfect for the player in your party who loves keeping detailed track of their adventures.

Cantrip Candles

Trying to set an adventurous atmosphere at the next game night? With scents like A Walk in the Woods and The Library Scriptorium, these candles will do the trick!

DBL Feature Tabletop RPG Stickers

Give the gift of a nice-looking character sheet, campaign journal, or laptop case with these adorable RPG stickers. They’re dogs, and they’re playing D&D!

The Blue Mimic

Treat a special friend to custom dice! The Blue Mimic makes custom master dice sets and molds.

Yaniir Spell Cards

Help your friends keep track of their spells and abilities with these stylish spell cards.

Dungeons & Dragons 1000-Piece Puzzle from Mondo

This 1000-piece puzzle features iconic art from the D&D “red box,” complete with both a Dungeon __and __a Dragon. Remind them to do the corners first!

Heroes’ Feast (Dungeons & Dragons): The Official D&D Cookbook

This cookbook is the perfect way to say thanks to the friend who always brings snacks to game night! Plus, it’s a nice way to also say “we would very much appreciate it if you kept bringing snacks, please.”

The Ultimate RPG Gameplay Guide by James D’Amato

Help your friends get the most out of their roleplaying with this comprehensive and interactive guide.

Gift Card from Your Local Game Store

This year’s been hard on small businesses, and game stores are no exception. With a gift card to your local game store, you can help members of your community while also giving to your friends–a win-win.

Gifts for the VTT

Class Modifier Module

Help your players build characters with more comprehensive narrative-focused backgrounds with GabeJamesGames’s Class Modifier Module!

The Tomb of Mercy by Kobold Press

Help your GM run a game with less prep and say thanks for all their hard work with this new adventure module from Kobold Press, complete with Dynamic Lighting-ready maps, complete character sheets and tokens, and original art!

Blades In the Dark: Doskvol Bundle by Evil Hat Productions

Round out the year by trying a new game! The Doskvol bundle has everything you need to get started with Evil Hat’s dark heist-centric hit TTRPG.

Alice Is Missing by Hunters Entertainment

Give the gift of an unforgettable experience with Alice is Missing, a touching, emotionally resonant mystery yarn that’s played entirely through text message.

The Excellents by 9th Level Games

Make your holiday season a little more Excellent with this TTRPG about being Excellent Princesses in an awesome cartoon world. It’s a great gift for the younger roleplayers in your life, too!

Roll20 Pro Subscription

If you really want to thank your GM for a great game, there’s no better way than with a Roll20 Pro subscription. With access to Dynamic Lighting, API, Roll20 Reserve, and more, your GM will be able to make their games better than ever before–and that means better games for you, too!

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