The Trio Bryte, a Burn Bryte Actual Play

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


The Trio Bryte is a rompy sci-fi story about an unlikely family of two robots and 100,000 bugs pushing adventure right up to the edge of apocalypse, staring into The Burn itself, and (hopefully) living to tell the tale!

The trio is made up of:

  • ExIgnis III, who is the latest incarnation of this particular Peacecraft, and has no memory, of how they died, or who they are. Now he saves others from the Burn, trying to learn who he is, and indeed, was.
  • Xaspar, is a Ror-nan swarm and captain of their ship, Legion LXVIII. After the loss of their planet, they’ve dedicated their life to protect others from suffering a similar loss.
  • And Hellion 419. Once a strike unit commander in the Paxan war, the winged Peacecraft has been deployed to catalogue the cultures of planets being consumed by the Burn. And, as far as she’s concerned, experience as much daring adventure as she can along the way.

This intrepid trio has found their way to the Cyprit system, and there they’ve had to contend with charming schemers, bumbling criminals, and giant mech fights! And of course, the portents of the rapidly approaching Burn. Catch up on their adventure over on YouTube!

Written by MrPuddins of Chromatic Chimera.

Saturdays | 3pm PT (11pm UTC) |

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