The WiiU Browser Packs a Punch: Roll20 on WiiU!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


It seems like there’s no shortage of folks who think that playing D&D and other RPGs on the new WiiU would be a great idea. We agree, so as soon as we could get our hands on a WiiU, we wanted to see if Roll20 could work…and we’re pleased to report it does – mostly:

It’s a little slow and some things like the Jukebox don’t work just yet, but it’s pretty impressive that it worked that well right out of the box. It shows that the WiiU browser isn’t just made for browsing Facebook, but is actually capable of handling some pretty serious HTML5 applications.

Also, unfortunately right now whatever you see on the gamepad is the same as what’s shown on the TV, so you can’t have a group of adventurers doing separate actions from the GM using only the WiiU just yet. But it would be very possible to have, for example, the players use the WiiU and gamepad to control their end of things, and the GM could be on a laptop (or even an iPad) nearby controlling the other side of the action.

We’ll keep working to make Roll20 on WiiU better in the future (as we work on support for other mobile devices like Android and iPad as well), and maybe someday we’ll reach the holy grail of couch-based D&D in your living room!

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