This Custom Character Sheet Is An Electric Dream

Bianca Bickford

Bianca Bickford

Marketing Manager

Did you know that the Roll20 community creates many of the character sheets for your games? In fact, there are over 700 options available! Our Pro subscribers use their time and talent to develop sheets for your games, making Roll20 the most diverse virtual tabletop available.

Our recent update to custom character sheets has opened the door for creativity. We lessened coding restrictions and rules, improved accessibility support, and allowed syntax for responsive design so character sheets also look great on mobile.

Richard T. posted on our forums one of the first character sheets to make use of the new update, and we were blown away. He explained that it was a privately commissioned sheet for a home-brew modification for D&D 5E.

“I’m a big believer that a character sheet is on the frontline of bringing players into a game space so aesthetics are very important to me,” says creator Richard Tran. “Character sheet authoring has definitely come a long way from when I co-authored my first sheet. The addition of Google Fonts was a huge game-changer and I’m glad that Roll20 has continued to give authors more capabilities.”

Full creation of the character sheet took about 42 hours. Richard credits his client with giving great directions and influence on the artwork, which made the aesthetics easy. That allowed him to focus much of his time on the sheet functionality.

If you’re looking to start creating your own character sheets, Richard says that the Roll20 community is very supportive.

“The Roll20 character sheet forums are very active with passionate people, we have our own Discord with an expanded set of smart people, and the character sheet wiki, maintained by community sheet authors, is an incredible resource.”

Of course, coding knowledge is required, but it may not be as advanced as you think. “There are tons of websites and videos of incredible effects and layouts accomplished with just HTML and CSS. With the new character sheet enhancements, we can implement a broad number of these creative effects,” says Richard.

Ready to create your own custom character sheets? Get started by upgrading to a Pro subscription.

Bianca Bickford Marketing Manager

Bianca Bickford is a marketing geek living deep in the Heart of Texas. She writes D&D 5E adventures and supplements for DMs Guild, Wizards of the Coast, MCDM, Ghostfire Gaming, and more. Follow her on Twitter @BiancaBickford for random TTRPG musings and video game crushes.