This months Roll20 Reserve item is a A MONSTERously fun game!



Marketing Manager

Picture this:

You’re working as a paranormal investigator and it’s your job to sketch out this newest anomaly based on your witness’s description, but be careful… they didn’t get a good look, and it’s up to you to fill in the blanks!

  • Each round plays in less than three minutes
  • A constant source of giggles and friendly competition
  • Filled with awesome monsters designed by today’s top artists

MonsDRAWsity is the perfect long-distance game! All you need to do is gather your game group on Roll20, grab your favorite drink and get ready to draw and laugh! It is a perfect fit for kids and adults alike. Play with your kids, adventuring party, or with your family!

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Jelisa Marketing Manager

Jelisa (she/her) is a Marketing Manager with an organized brain who makes candles, crafts, and plays Animal Crossing. Her dogs come to all of her meetings and are a super-official part of the marketing team.