Tome of Tips: Charactermancer

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


We’re back with another chapter of Tome of Tips, and this time, we’re talking all about the Roll20 Charactermancer. So whether you have questions about it or have never used it, this chapter is for you. Let’s get into it!

What is the Roll20 Charactermancer?

The Charactermancer is a step-by-step process that makes building a character simple and streamlined and is available to anyone with a Roll20 account, regardless of subscription status.

How do I find it/access it on Roll20?

From the virtual tabletop, head over to the “Journal”, represented by the little newspaper icon at the top of the menu on the right side of your screen. Once you’ve done this, click the “Add” button.

Once you have clicked “Add” go on to click “Character” in the dropdown menu.

A window will open which will allow you to fill in some information about your character like their name & bio, once you complete that be sure to click “Save Changes”.

When that is done, navigate over to the “Character Sheet” tab and click “Use the Charactermancer”.

Then, you simply follow the prompts to create the character of your dreams!

**NOTE: Currently, the Roll20 Charactermancer only works with the D&D 5E & Pathfinder First Edition character sheets at the moment. You can get more information on those here: D&D 5E | Pathfinder First Edition. In addition, Charactermancer includes everything in the SRD as well as any books you have purchased or books the GM has purchased if the GM is sharing the compendium with that game.

What are some cool things I can do with the Roll20 Charactermancer?

  • Help a first-time player build a character: Let’s face it, character creation can be daunting for new players. Luckily, the Roll20 Charactermancer provides a framework to do just that by allowing GMs to guide players through the process by asking questions about their character. Some players may find their character is a little different than they thought after playing a bit and you can always jump back into the sheet and make adjustments. The Roll20 Charactermancer takes care of all the bookkeeping so you can focus on an interactive and interesting character build experience. (Bonus points if you think of a hook to do it in universe!)
  • Get a new character equipped for adventuring: Between armor, weapons, and other items and equipment, there will be a lot of weights, rolls, and attacks to calculate and your new character will have no shortage of toys to play with! The Charactermancer streamlines that whole process by auto calculating Item weights and encumbrance and even weapons will be available for attack rolls the moment your character build is completed. If you need to make changes, that’s no problem, too–you can edit the character sheet directly after your build.
  • Level up multiple times at once: The Roll20 Charactermancer goes beyond the initial character build, it is also a useful tool for leveling up. Did you know that it can be used to level up multiple times in a single instance? You can boost a level 1 character up to a higher level to play a tough one-shot, or bring a new character up to the rest of the party’s speed fast, the choice is yours!

Want to explore the Roll20 Charactermancer in more detail? Check out the official Roll20 Help Center.

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