Try Dynamic Lighting Free for 1 Week with In-Game, Plus-Level Subscription Features Available Starting Today for Roll20CON!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


As part of our Roll20CON celebration, you now have access to the Dynamic Lighting layer and an ad-free experience in any new or existing games in Roll20!

Simply visit your Game Details page and check the “Event: Roll20CON 2016” box, making sure to schedule your “Next Game Will Be” for any time during Roll20CON on June 3rd, 2016 to get started. In-game, Plus-level features will be available until the end of Roll20CON.

Roll20CON Exclusive Art Pack

During Roll20CON we’ll be raising money for Cybersmile. Every Roll20 user who donates during Roll20CON will receive an Roll20CON Exclusive Art Pack, featuring tokens & tiles from Marketplace creators Devin Night, Gabriel Pickard, Russ Hapke, Brass Badger Workshop, and Fernando Dominguez.

Special “Prop” and “Occurrence” Theme for Games!

During Roll20CON, we encourage the use of a “Prop” and/or “Occurrence” in your games. We think this will be a fun way to unite the many gaming experiences happening in our interface during the event. Similar to the way many film 24-hour festivals will use a common prop, occurrence, and/or line of dialogue.

PROP: a spotted handkerchief. Try to incorporate this visual element into your games and share it on social media! Don’t for get to use the hashtag #Roll20CON - can you spot the Prop in this blog?

OCCURRENCE: try and defeat a bully without violence. Our challenge to players during Roll20CON is to try to de-escalate a situation with their wits. Since we are benefiting Cybersmile, it only seemed fitting to see if we could take a moment in our games to promote the idea of rising above.

Visit to see all of the Featured Guests joining us for Roll20CON on Twitch and click the Register Now! button for the full Twitch schedule and details on getting started during this free celebration!

Remember, Roll20CON begins at 12:00am Pacific on June 3rd and ends at 11:59pm Pacific that same Friday evening.

Happy gaming!

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