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The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Let there be (A New) Light! Our vastly improved, rebuilt from-the-ground-up lighting system has launched on the Dev Server for testing by Pro subscribers as Updated Dynamic Lighting.

When we updated the lighting system last year, you told us that it wasn’t enough. You were right. The system that supported Advanced Fog of War was not robust enough to support many users’ needs, and no amount of optimization to make it faster could really hammer it into shape.

So we merged what used to be Advanced Fog of War into the same system that runs Dynamic Lighting. It leverages the power of WebGL so it’s faster and more flexible. We’ve also introduced new feature names that we hope will help new GMs understand their functions more intuitively. For example, the entire lighting system now goes by the name Dynamic Lighting - though we’re calling it Updated Dynamic Lighting for now. The feature formerly known as “Advanced Fog of War” now performs under the name “Explorer Mode,” and it’s a setting you can toggle on or off.

Pro users can read about other changes and how to try them out on the Pro Forum, but first let’s talk about Updated Dynamic Lighting. Like our other recent features, it will be available on the Dev Server for two weeks of testing. During that time, Pro users will be able to access the Castle Ravenloft map for free on the Dev Server and use its pre-set lighting lines to put this new system through its paces.

Two weeks is not enough to fully test a feature used by 51% of our playerbase. We know that, you know that. So rather than dragging this out and making Plus users wait for what we truly believe is a better system, we are trying something new. __After three several* weeks of testing on the Dev Server, Updated Dynamic Lighting will hit the Live Server as an opt-in feature for all Plus and Pro subscribers. It will run parallel with Legacy Dynamic Lighting, the current system, so people have a chance to get used to it before we switch over. __During this period, you’ll have the chance to try it on your real games, give us your feedback, and get ready for the final switch that will replace the old system with this new one.

So hang in there, Plus subscribers. You’ll get your hands on it soon. In the meantime, Pro subscribers: load up that Dev Server, try out that Castle Ravenloft map (or one of your own), and light us up with your feedback on the Pro forum!

UPDATE (March 16, 2020): Due to all of your great feedback, A New Light will remain on the Dev Server for an additional week of testing as we continue to work through this major update.

UPDATE (March 25, 2020): With a release focused on a feature as popular as Dynamic Lighting we want to ensure we’ve gotten it to an optimal place to release to a larger audience.

As such, A New Light will now launch on April 8, 2020.

We’re fully committed to launching Updated Dynamic Lighting on April 8, and grateful to the patient Plus subscribers waiting for their chance to try it out!

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