Turntable: TTRPG mini-series with Salty Sweet Games and Friends Who Roll Dice



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Looking for some new, bite-sized liveplay campaigns so you can get a taste of different systems and stories? You’re in luck – Spotlight creators Salty Sweet Games and Friends Who Roll Dice have teamed up to give you just that! Turntable is a brand new show of mini-campaigns using rotating RPG systems, GMs, and guest cast members. Their premiere kicked off with the Good Society featuring storyteller Vana, and Kienna, Lauren, Draokniques, and ColeMorreale as the players and they’ll be switching to Brindlewood Bay at the end of August. Catch live them this Sunday at 12pm PT for the second part of the Good Society.

Turntable: Good Society | Sunday August 8 @ 12pm PT |

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