TYRANNY OF DRAGONS is available now!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Wizards of the Coast’s flagship 5E adventure module set, TYRANNY OF DRAGONS, __is now available from our store! __

Come face to face with the Queen of Dragons on this epic adventure which takes players from level 1 to 15! It has been fully integrated on the Roll20 platform for ease of use.

Outside of the hundreds of pages of content, beautiful artwork and lootable dungeons, here are a few of the special features just for Roll20!

  • More than 20 battle ready maps, enhanced with Dynamic Lighting.
  • An interactive __Council Scorecard __for THE RISE OF TIAMAT, making the diplomatic councils even more easy to track!
  • Rollable tokens for all shapeshifters, and some alternate options for NPC’s.
  • Rollable tables and Macro Options for all random encounters. We’ve even broken out all random encounters into their own token page! Copy and paste for a quick encounter.
  • Extra unique battle maps made in-house for random encounters featuring a Town, Tavern, Forest, Swamp and more! Bonus: Pro subscribers will also have access to this Addon pack for free!

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