New Update! Game Default Settings, Game Addons, & Game Rollbacks

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


This week our Devs have launched some new updates to help with game content management! We’ve shared some of the details from the full changelog below from QA Manger Kristin.

Game Default Settings

When a GM goes to their Game Settings Page from the Game Details Page, they’ll find a new setting category called Game Default Settings. Making changes and saving them from here will affect how each new page and token is created in the VTT to take on these defaults you just set.

Further down the Game Settings Page, if you’re using the Roll20 5th Edition OGL Sheet, you will now also have access to various sheet settings underneath the Character Sheet Template drop down menu.

Applying Defaults to Existing In-Game Content!

After making changes to any of the game defaults (be they with pages, tokens, or with the 5E sheet), if you then launch a game and go to the Settings tab of the Sidebar, there will be a new button under the Experimental Features section labeled; “Apply Default Settings.”

Clicking on this button will bring up a new window that will list all the default options you have changed from the Game Settings Page.

Game Addons

Now available on the Roll20 Marketplace are Game Addons! These are smaller module components that you can add to a game without needing the Pro level Transmogrifier tool. Such Marketplace Addons include card decks, fully-statted tokens, battle maps with Dynamic Lighting pre-drawn on them, and self-contained single encounters and dungeons.

Current Addons now available on the Marketplace are:

Neoseilthir - The Six Duchies by Andrew Chirgwin - coming soon!

NPC Cards: The Court of the Empress by Brass Badger Workshop

Game Glam: Inventory Cards by Gabriel Pickard

Random Chapter Set 1 by Russ Hapke

Applying Addons

Once purchased, these Addon content packages are available via a dropdown menu in the Game Addons section of the Game Details Page. See our wiki for complete details on Addons.

Game Rollbacks for Pro Users

Pro users now have the ability to roll back their game to any save state available from the past seven days to correct any drastic mistakes made to their game.

Details on how to commit a rollback can be found on our Game Management wiki.

WebRTC Microphone Activity Signal

When a player is speaking over voice chat, a slim blue bar will waveform expand and contract underneath their avatar’s portrait or their video feed. This indicator lets the other players in the game know who is presently speaking.

Complete details on these changes are on the changelog and if you have any issues with this update, please head to the official Bug Thread for help.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

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