Update 3/8: Reorder Repeating Section Rows, Overhauled F/X Tool, & more!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


A few weeks ago, we shared details on an update we pushed to Dev and we are excited to announce that those new changes are available on the main site today!

New F/X Tools

We’ve added tons of new Pro F/X options, some with multiple color schemes and drag-and-drop options, plus you can now now add your own custom effects! For more information on the new tools, read our updated Custom FX Wiki page.

We’ve also added more robust support for the F/X Tool to the macro system.

Re-Order Repeating Section Rows

Now when you click the Modify button on a repeating section, you’ll find that in addition to the already-existing trash can icon for deleting a row, there is a handy move icon on the left-hand side. You can click and drag on this move icon to move the rows in the repeating section around as you wish.

API Support for F/X Tool

There’s now support in the API for the F/X Tool, via two new functions - spawnFx(x, y, type, pageid) and spawnFxBetweenPoints(point1, point2, type, pageid)

API Support for GM Page

There is a new property in the API for the Player object called “_lastpage”. This read-only property contains the current page that a player last viewed as a GM.

Repeating Section Events and Attribute

Sheetworkers can now listen for a change event of a special attribute that is modified whenever a repeating section is re-ordered.

Bug Fixes, Miscellaneous, & More!

Additional details on all of the new features can be found from Riley in our full changelog on the forums.

Thank you to all who helped us test on the Dev Sever and to all of you for your continued support.

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