Update 4/5: API One-Click Install, New API Architecture, Character Sheet Zooming, & More!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Today, we’ve launched a major update to Roll20′s API and we are excited to share those details below!

API One-Click Install

The API is one of our best Pro-level features, but it has always required at least some amount of familiarity with coding and scripting to use it… until now!

Starting today, all Pro users have access to a library of one-click install scripts that don’t require any additional setup or the copying and pasting of code.

Head to the Settings dropdown from your Game Details page and select the API Scripts option to find a new tab in your API menu called “Script Library” - this list contains a vetted group of pre-approved API Scripts, similar to the list of community Character Sheets.

Scripts added to your game will automatically determine what dependencies and conflicts they may have and will notify you accordingly.

After you select a script from the “Script Library” you can choose to “Add Script” to save the script as is or “Import” it as a custom script if you really want to get in and make some changes!

These are scripts that have been generously contributed by our community members and when scripts are added using the “Add Script” option, they will update for you as script authors release new versions.

For more details, including how Script Authors can have their scripts added to the approved “Script Library” please head to the full update thread on the forums.

New API Architecture

We have completely re-done the way that the API server architecture works behind the scenes. Our previous method was based around spawning lots of individual node processes, however they weren’t very well contained and could easily interfere with each other, leading to other issues such as the dreaded “PORT IN USE” error.

We’ve now redone this backend to take advantage of Docker containers, a fantastic new-ish technology which allows us to run each API sandbox in its own “Virtual Machine container”. These containers are completely separate from each other, and have much better resource tracking and sharing capabilities.

Character Sheet & Handout Zooming

A “Zoom” button has been added to the Character Sheet and Handout dialog boxes. This allows you to easily zoom in or out of the sheet/handout to make the text and images larger or smaller.

Infinite Deck Fixes

We’ve upgraded our support for using Infinite Decks. You’ll now see some additional options that allow you to specify how you want the deck to behave and “Recalling” cards from a tabletop or player’s hand when using an infinite deck now works correctly instead of only recalling some of the cards.

For all of the information on this newest update or to share any bugs, please head to our forums and check out the full update thread from Riley!

Thank you for your continued support, we hope to see you at Roll20CON!

The Roll20 Team Roll20

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