Update Live: PayPal, Jukebox, & More

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


When we set out to do a “small update” after Gen Con, I never thought we’d end up with something quite so big (otherwise we would have named it)!

Firstly, and of great importance to our international community, you can now pay for subscriptions and Marketplace purchases using PayPal. It took a long while for us to figure out how to implement PayPal to our satisfaction, but we think we have it ironed out, and we’re excited to deliver something that’s been so highly requested of us. Go nab that subscription you’ve been waiting for!

Secondly, and even more important to the overall health of Roll20, we have launched a new in-application Tutorial. While there have been a lot of fantastic video tutorials over the years, this in-application version gives you a chance to play-along and really learn the program– we’re hopeful that will help more and more players will feel comfortable with all that Roll20 has to offer. A big thank you to Steve for all the work he put into getting this right.

Next up, we put a lot of effort into improving our Jukebox with this update. In addition to folders, API integration, and new controls for cross-fading and the like, we also are delighted to announce we have integrated the RPG-themed music of Tabletop Audio. Get in the application, and start building that perfect roleplaying soundtrack before your next game!

These weren’t the only changes we made. We improved the ability for players to add tokens, allowed you to rename and color buttons on your macro quick bar, and fixed a number of bugs. For the full rundown of what’s new, check out the related forum post.

As always, thanks to all of our subscribers who make it possible for us to work on the program. Happy gaming!

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