Update! New Translation Tools Added & Art Library Changes Coming Soon.

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Greetings gamers! Last year, we began seeking translators to help us bring Roll20 to as many people as possible and we are very excited to share the evolution of this process.

New Translation Tools with Character Sheet Functionality!

On May 17th, our developers pushed out an update that added new tools from CrowdIn to the site. This new and more robust translation software is designed to not only make it easier to translate the site itself, but to help give context to our translators.

With the addition of CrowdIn, we are excited to announce that these tools are also compatible with community-created Character Sheets. Sheet Authors can now use the Character Sheet i18n tools to design their sheets, making them available for our community of translators.

Find more information on these new tools, including advice for Sheet Authors in the full changelog.

Interested in volunteering to translate? Email to help!

What’s Next?

On the development side, our team is busy with a major overhaul to our art library system. Our goal on this next update, is to provide a cleaner Art Library interface, along with some additional functionality to improve some of the major issues that currently exist.

Details on these changes will hit the Pro Forums first, so consider becoming a supporter for a first look or keep an eye on this blog for more details soon.

Our team is also very busy planning our first ever celebration of you! Roll20CON is just about 2 weeks away, so if you have not planned a game for June 3rd, head to our LFG to find one now or start something new!

See you at the convention!

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