Update of Holding Live

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Today sees a huge amount of new code go live on Roll20, encompassing a great many improvements to our web application. We’ll go through them below, but first we want to point out that the “Holding” element of our update has yet to go live– Roll20 for iPad was submitted last week for approval with Apple and we’re eagerly awaiting that. We’ll be holding onto the Android version until the iPad element is live, and we’re hopeful to see both up and running soon.

Enough about waiting… let’s talk about what’s ready RIGHT NOW:

Folders– after a great many requests, we’ve now made content in Roll20 organizable by folders in addition to tags.

Popout Characters and Handouts– Looking to make better use of your screen space? You’re now able to popout dialog boxes for Characters (including Character Sheets) and Handouts.

Improved 3D Dice– We have completely reworked the rendering for 3D dice, making them take less resources to use, tying them into our QuantumRoll system, and removing several bugs.

Roll Templates– Alongside community-contributed Character Sheets, we now have “Roll Templates”; and improved visual result for rolls. Character sheet authors have already begun creating Roll Templates for some of the most popular games in Roll20, and Mentors will be able to create their own customized result appearances.

Text Chat Changes– Now you can “/talktomyself” to test out commands, add basic formatting to text chat, and more.

API Improvements– There’s been quite a few improvements to the Application Program Interface… enough that this seems like a great time to link to the entire rundown of what’s been updated (API and everything listed above) here.


Roll20’s new Compendium is launching today, in what we’re referring to as a “Technical Preview.” For an idea of our plans for it, read the related forum announcement.

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