Update: Roll20 Adds Group Rotation, Improved Character Sheets

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Group Rotation and Scaling

All of you war gamers out there can rejoice– it’s now easier than ever to rotate and scale groups of tokens on the battlefield! We’ve also improved the interaction of groups with mixed types of objects (e.g. tokens and drawings).

Usability Improvements

The Roll20 character sheet is easier to use than ever before. With fewer clicks, and simpler implementation, you and your players will find the experience of putting character stats into Roll20 faster than it has ever been. We’ve also added additional usability improvements like direct access to linked character sheets from tokens, the ability to open the macro editor right from the macro quick bar, and more. Be sure to view the full release notes for more information!

WebRTC Trial: Give Us Your Feedback!

Today we’re enabling the use of the new and improved WebRTC-based video chat for all users. WebRTC is a brand-new technology that enables high-definition video chat right from your browser, no Flash required. This is a limited trial that will run untilFriday. We’re hoping to test this new feature and get your feedback on what we need to do to make it better before we roll it out as the default video chat option for the build-in video chat. Find out more on the forums »

Podcasts Now Available on Soundcloud

The Orr Group Podcasts are now available to the public one week after airing to subscribers. Learn about Roll20’s creators and listen in for special guests– the only rule is that we talk about the things we’re passionate about! So whether you’re intocomics, online gaming conventions, or ramblings about television shows, the Orr Group Podcast has you covered!

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