Video Chat Update!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


As many of you may already know, an upgrade to our Video Chat system has been in the works and I am pleased to be able to share that as of last Tuesday, we have officially pushed Roll20’s new WebRTC system as the default on all new games.

The old system is still available and will remain as default on any older games for now and you can still revert to the old system by changing the Chat Tech option, in the game settings menu, to OpenTok. Of course, you can change your older games to our new WebRTC system in the same manner.

Below are the new features available now, as well as something coming soon, and a taste of the really BIG “maybe” features from Developer Phil.

Available Now.


Click the whisper button on your player’s video and have a quick side-conversation.

Voice/Video Bandwidth Options. Adjust your settings to accommodate varying internets.

Movable Video Windows. Drag your videos wherever you want them on the VTT.

Hotkey Control. Once you’ve turned on “Use advanced keyboard shortcuts” you can use the tilde ( ` ) key to mute/unmute yourself at the push of a button.

Video Only. It’s like Video Chat, without the Chat part.

Coming soon to a Roll20 table near you.

Audio/Video Input Device Selection.

Easy, select which camera to use from the video input selection box to get that perfect role playing camera angle.


Pop-out Video, Voice Moduation, “Put on Pants” Warning Dialog, Push-to-Talk, & Sound Gating

For more details on the info above or for help with the new Video Chat, visit our full update thread on the forums.

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