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The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Roll20 now has premium subscriptions for users who want to support the site. Included in these subscriptions are:

  • Extra storage space
  • Access to early development features (like Dynamic Lighting)
  • Special “Looking for Group” statuses
  • Increased developer interaction
  • …and more, with plans for additional perks on the way.

While these perks are great, the fact is that Roll20 is a free service, so the question is asked “WHY should I subscribe?”

To a large extent, that question brings me back to our roots on Kickstarter.

The vast majority of our supporters paid simply to get early access to a program that we promised was going to happen no matter what. The investment of those supporters was larger than anticipated, which lead to things like 3D dice, card deck systems, an expanded marketplace, and so much more. We’ve felt like we needed to be stewards of this community.

What we’re entering now is a second phase of development. Roll20 exists. But what happens next– the pace at which we continue to develop features, the effort we put into expanding the community, and the level of service we’re able to provide– depends on continual contributions.

Roll20 is still a HOBBY for the development team. A hobby which now involves providing for 55,000 users, that have logged over forty-five years of combined time in the application. Simply put, Roll20 cannot remain a hobby. Those of you that have used other virtual tabletops have seen them fall apart, fall out of fashion, or simply never get off the ground. This is a delicate industry– one where the best investors we will ever have are players.

As our users continue to grow, we need more time and resources to sustain that growth. As such, we need to convert a small percentage of our total user base in each month to paid models. If we had even a small percentage our users as paid subscribers, given the growth we’re seeing, we will be able to more securely tackle the goals in front of us and our community.

That idea of a portion of the community chipping in calls back to Kickstarter. Just like on Kickstarter, a campaign fails if everyone waits for someone else to chip in before pledging support. Just like Kickstarter, those who give the most support will see the biggest rewards. And just like Kickstarter, the more we’re able to give as creators… let’s just say “stretch goals” don’t even cover what we’ve got planned.

So consider becoming a supporter. And please spread the word to other users to consider supporting as well.


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