Your Next Adventure Awaits With These Price-Reduced D&D Titles

Bianca Bickford

Bianca Bickford

Marketing Manager

Starting today, we’ve slashed the price on nine Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition products on the Roll20 Marketplace. Adding these modules to your library can grant you, or your players, new character options like races, backgrounds, and spells. Let’s take a look at each to explore what you can add to your games!

More Character Options

Eberron: Rising from the Last War, Acquisitions Incorporated, and Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica all take your campaigns beyond the Forgotten Realms with unique settings. Adding these modules to your library unlocks new character possibilities!

Eberron: Rising from the Last War

One of the most robust settings in D&D, Eberron takes place in a world where a mysterious and devastating event killed over a million people, ending a 100-year war between nations. Eberron: Rising from the Last War picks up a few years afterward, where an uncertain future and the threat of war still looms.

This setting is robust with varied character races: Changelings, goblinoids, kalashtar, orcs, shifters, and warforged. It also introduces the artificer, alchemist, artillerist, and battlesmith classes. Character options include Dragonmarks, a setting-specific magic system, and groups can take on patrons to sponsor their adventures. And, your players will be able to test out their shiny new abilities against the monsters of Eberron, complete with stats and tokens.

Bonus: You can ride dinosaurs.

Acquisitions Incorporated

Fans of Acquisitions Incorporated can now j̶o̶i̶n̶ work for favorites Omin Dran and Jim Darkmagic, the founders of the renowned adventuring company. Acquisitions Incorporated marries typical adventuring fare with the meticulous tasks of running a business. This includes hiring for various positions as your franchise earns money for the main office, all draped in a tongue-in-cheek tone.

Acq Inc adds a goblinoid character race to your options, called verdans, as well as unique spins on each class to fit into the setting. This module also adds Distort Value, Fast Friends, Gift of Gab, Incite Greed, Jim’s Glowing Coin, Jim’s Magic Missile, and Motivational Speech to your spellbook.

If you’ve ever thought, “I wish my magic missile darts were hypoallergenic and gluten-free,” this is the module for you.

Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica

Magic: The Gathering players are familiar with the sprawling streets of Ravnica, one of the many homes to planeswalkers in the multiverse. Ravnica is an urban setting; the city that covers the planet was built over thousands of years. Ten guilds fight for power, both through spying and intrigue as well as less subtle means. Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica transports your players to a wonderful backdrop for their adventures; a magic city packed with subterfuge, sabotage, and age-old bargains crafted by plotting guildmasters.

Ravnica is packed full of different player options. Centaurs, goblins, loxodon, minotaurs, simic hybrids, and vedalken stalk the city streets, and the guilds themselves bring new class options like the cleric Domain of Order and the druid Circle of Spores. Plus, the guilds afford your players new and unique backgrounds for their characters. Many iconic NPCs and monsters that you see in Magic: The Gathering, from stoic angels to skittering horrors, come to your compendium.

Start A Storied Campaign…

Looking to start the next story? Look no further. Each of these modules include the tokens and maps you need to explore fascinating new settings, all pre-built for Dynamic Lighting.

Tyranny of Dragons combines both Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamat, some of the first official books to launch with D&D 5th edition. Tyranny includes two background features for characters to work as a spy or dragon scholar. If you’re looking to build your dragon library before Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons is released, Tyranny provides the dragon stats and tokens you need — including the evil queen herself, Tiamat.

If you want to put your players through hell (literally), Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus is for you. The campaign starts in, as you might guess, Baldur’s Gate, so if you’re a fan of the iconic city the maps alone are worth the price of admission. The planes of the underworld are vast and unforgiving, so to make sure you’re traveling in style, Avernus also adds infernal war machines — twisted Mad Max-style hell vehicles that are as practical as they are pointy. Tokens and stats for many fiends, fiendish gods, hollyphants, and tressym are included.

Ran back-to-back, Waterdeep: Dragon Heist and Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage can take your players from level 1 to level 20. Dragon Heist starts at level 1 and includes a gorgeous map of Waterdeep, a perfect setup for an unforgettable Oceans-style robbery. If your table is anything like mine, your party will spend hours running their own tavern in the City of Splendors. Starting at level 6, Mad Mage will take players deep into the Undermountain for the ultimate dungeon delve. (Dynamic lighting is a must for this crawl.)

…Or Run A Classic Short Adventure

Our D&D Short Adventure Bundle is reduced starting today, offering shorter adventures spanning all level ranges. The first collection released was Tales from the Yawning Portal, where we meet Durnan and his (in)famous inn. These updated classics are for both new and old D&D fans — just give your players fair warning when you run the Tomb of Horrors.

Ghosts of Saltmarsh also returns seven classic adventures, ready for 5E play. These nautical adventures provide instructions for running your own ship at sea, including ship-to-ship combat, and plenty of ocean monsters and NPCs.

Finally, if you’re looking for something even shorter, the Tactical Maps Adventure Atlas offers starting points for over 80 adventures and, of course, a ton of maps with Dynamic Lighting.

Add Charactermancer options and resources to your game library by purchasing these adventures from our Marketplace.

Bianca Bickford Marketing Manager

Bianca Bickford is a marketing geek living deep in the Heart of Texas. She writes D&D 5E adventures and supplements for DMs Guild, Wizards of the Coast, MCDM, Ghostfire Gaming, and more. Follow her on Twitter @BiancaBickford for random TTRPG musings and video game crushes.