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Rite Publishing’s “Adventure Quarterly #5”


Are you a GM looking for some new ideas? Now available on Roll20 is Adventure Quarterly #5. Included in one purchase are four Pathfinder-compatible modules for 3rd, 9th, 18th and 8th level PCs. Brought to you by Rite Publishing, the the same publisher behind “The Breaking of Forstor Nagar.”

This periodical contains multiple modules as well as GM advice columns designed for the Pathfinder RPG ruleset. Purchasing Adventure Quarterly Issue #5 from the Roll20 Marketplace will provide you with ALL of the following modules:

Ruins banner.jpg

Deep within a subterranean lair resides a dragon named Carcera. Her domain, the Ruins Perilous, is a vast multi-floor dungeon with each level featuring nastier traps and more terrible enemies than the level above it. This place serves as the proving ground for young adventurers. Either survive long enough to descend to the next level below or die trying!

The Ruins Perilous - Level 3, written by Michael Welham, is a romp around the third floor of The Ruins Perilous that Carcera has coined as “The Sensodrome”. This module is designed for 3rd level PCs and promises confounding traps, pernicious ratfolk, creatures that embody one of the five senses and perhaps a ghost or two to get in the party’s way.

Fishermage banner.jpg

Legends say that every five hundred years a mythical salmon re-spawns and takes its perpetual voyage up stream. This is no ordinary fish. Imbued in its flesh is all of the world’s knowledge. Anyone brave enough to reach the creature’s lair and catch it would be blessed by its magic once consumed. Our adventurers take up the quest to seek out the Salmon of Wisdom and claim its bounty before any other rivals can.

Written by Michael Allen, Legacy of the Fishermage is a multiple-encounter adventure for four to five 9th level characters that will test your PCs’ endurance. The Salmon of Wisdom’s life and power is fleetingly short, so a party will have no time to rest if they wish to catch their prize.

Paradox banner.jpg

The fate of the universe literally rests in the hands of our intrepid adventurers! A meddling wizard dabbled with time magic far beyond his understanding and created a chain reaction that is swiftly unraveling the fabric of reality. In a desperate attempt to prevent oblivion, Time itself whisks the party back several hundred years into the past to correct the course of history. The PCs must navigate through a nexus of planes where demons, angels, dragons, and futuristic robotic killing machines clash with humdrum mortals. Armageddon has begun and each new magic spell tears new holes in the pattern of the universe with wildly unpredictable consequences. This is Paradox.

Written by Bret Boyd, Paradox is an adventure for 18th level characters and is meant to be the final event of a long running campaign. This adventure is purposely loosely designed to allow the GM to pull memorable places, events and characters from the entirety of the group’s campaign to throw the best cathartic punch possible. To bid everyone’s PCs a proper farewell, this adventure is bursting with legendary monsters that are ready to render the party into ashen mincemeat.

Extras banner.jpg

In addition to the above three modules is Sleep, Interrupted, a single site encounter for 8th level characters written by Creighton Broadhurst. It offers the GM a little something special to throw at your party when the PCs turn in for the night.

And lastly, is Wide Open Sandboxing II - Instant NPCs. This is a step-by-step tutorial written by Steven D. Russell on how to construct memorable NPCs when you don’t have much time do it. His example, Cytherea the Guileful, is recreated in Roll20 to plug into your own campaigns.


We’ve got a brand new set of short, focused videos to help players get into Roll20. This is a really great resource for folks of a variety of experience levels, including brand-new players… so please share the set!

Big thanks to Kristin Carlson for all her work on these.


Introducing the Character Vault

Today we’ve rolled out a new premium feature to the Dev Server for Mentors to begin testing, and we wanted to give the whole community a quick preview of it. We’re calling it the “Character Vault”.

The main purpose of the Vault is to allow you to bring your Characters with you between games. Both players and GMs alike will be able to “store” Characters from their existing games inside their Vault, and then later export those Characters exactly as they were (including all notes, attributes, character sheet, etc.) into another game.

For players, this is great for both one-shots where you already have a Character ready to go, and for society-style organized play where you keep the same Character between each game session, improving it as the season goes on. It’s also great for GMs, giving them a central place to begin storing pieces of their games that they may want to re-use (such as an interesting NPC or monster type). 

In the future, our plan is to support storing many different types of Roll20 Campaign objects in the Vault (such as decks, pages, handouts, etc.) But for now we’re focusing on Characters because we know this is the most-requested feature for the new sheets system.

If you’re a Mentor, you can begin testing this new feature today and giving us feedback. If you’re not a Mentor, consider upgrading to get in on the action. Thanks!


Tell your friends (and your favorite publishers) to get in on the excitement.


Data Delve is LIVE

After months of coding, testing, interviews, and feedback our newest major update is now released onto the main server!image

There were three main components to this update.

Character Sheets

Game Masters are now able to select a character sheet template for use in their campaign. There are currently forty-five community-created sheets from which to select.  Mentors also have the ability to create their own completely customized sheets from HTML and CSS.


For more on Character Sheets, read our preview blog post, and be sure to check out the Wiki page for all the info you need to get up and running with them in your game.

Quantum Roll

We’ve enhanced the formula we use to create random rolling results to now be determined from fluctuations in the power of a split beam of light. You’re also able to see our rolls in action, via this new status page.


Improved Servers

Better hardware behind-the-scenes to speed up using Roll20 for everyone. You should see Roll20 load more quickly, getting you into your games faster.

…and more!

There were hundreds of new improvements and bug fixes in this massive update. You can read the full changelog in the forum post.

As always, our ability to perform updates is enabled by subscriptions… thanks to all of you who help pitch in!


It’s official… last night we had the 500,000th account created on Roll20.

A half million gamers in just over two years!


Just over a week out from the big Data Delve update (May 28th)…

Read a preview of what’s coming over at The Escapist!


Character Sheet Contest Results

The Roll20 Community has now contributed character sheets for more then 45 different game systems! Not only is this amazing by any measure, it’s even more incredible when you consider all that work was done in just the last month. Whether you are looking forward to playing D&D 3.5, Pathfinder, Mouseguard, Shadowrun 5E, or many, many other games — there’s going to be a sheet waiting for you on May 28th! Major kudos to everyone who took time to give back to the community in this fashion, it was much appreciated.

In particular, 3 sheets really stood out from the crowd, and we’re excited to name them the winners of our Character Sheet Contest! Without further ado:

Runner-Up: Exalted 2E by  Brian Shields, Benjamin Bandelow


This sheet not only looks great, but it set the standard for many other sheets which utilize the excellent “bubble fill-in” CSS which this sheet pioneered. In addition, Brian was frequently on-hand in the forums to help others with their sheet-related CSS and HTML questions, and we love rewarding that kind of community initiative. 

Runner-Up: D&D 4E by Alex L., Ville S.


This was one of the earliest sheets that was created after the character sheet system was made available on the Dev Server. The CSS used in this sheet has been used in about half of the other sheets that were created, so it’s clear that something special is at work here. We love how it faithfully re-creates the feel of the paper 4E sheet while providing new enhancements geared toward online play.

Grand Prize Winner: Pathfinder by Samuel Marino


This sheet is by far the most massive that has been created so far (we had to cut off the screenshot to fit it in this post). In fact, we had to work to overhaul the entire character sheet system (before it was even out of beta!) because this sheet has so many fields (more than 700!) that it would take 3-4 seconds to even appear on the screen after you clicked on a character’s name. In addition to his incredibly hard work creating the sheet in the first place, Sam has been active on the forums taking feedback from players and improving the sheet on a regular basis. In fact, this sheet has had more than 24 commits since it was created — that’s a lot of hard work!

Honorable Mentions

While we could only choose 3 overall winners, we want to highlight some of the awesome work that was done across the board by these sheet authors.

Star Wars Saga Edition by Alicia G


Star Wars: Edge of the Empire (API Compatible) by Steve Day


The One Ring by Michael Heilemann


Numenera by David Hawkins (The Story Teller)


Mystery of the Abbey by Nick Hotalling


Thanks to everyone who submitted a sheet — your profile achievement will be activated on May 28th when Data Delve goes live.


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