Digital Tabletop Leaders Partner to Unlock DMsGuild Content for Online Play

Now available on the DMsGuild!

Roll20® and OneBookShelf are pleased to announce they’ve reached an agreement to support Dungeon Masters Guild content officially on the Roll20 virtual tabletop.

DMsGuild creators will soon be able to create Roll20 content in the form of modules and add-ons that will unlock for users with the purchase of their DMsGuild adventure content, providing additional value for online play. Roll20 users will be able to access those maps and handouts available from DMsGuild in the virtual tabletop without additional set-up work.

“At Roll20 we have seen passionate support for DMsGuild content – from both our community and our Creators – and we are thrilled to create a more seamless way to play that amazing catalog of content online while expanding the possibilities for DMsGuild players and Creators,” said Emily Floyd, Licensing Director of Roll20.

The Roll20 virtual tabletop provides a full suite of easy-to-use digital tools so players can build characters and run campaigns seamlessly through their web browser. With character sheet automation, simple click-to-roll attacks, and built-in video and voice communication, players can quickly craft stories as a group. Pre-made adventures and fully integrated bestiaries allow GMs to run games with minimal setup, while enjoying features such as Dynamic Lighting and advanced fog of war to build tension on what’s right around the corner… or creeping up from behind.

OneBookShelf, in partnership with Wizards of the Coast, launched DMsGuild in 2016 as a community content program that allows creators to make content using Wizards of the Coast properties.

“Our goal has always been to build a space for aspiring designers who love games as we do. DMsGuild was an extension of this philosophy, providing a new opportunity to the gaming community, and now we have a shared mission with Roll20 to open an even larger space where creators can distribute and profit from their work,” said Scott Holden, Director of Marketing and Publisher Relations at OneBookShelf.

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